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Level 2 Introduction to Counselling

The next Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Accredited course, will be enrolling in August, 2024. Interviews take place at the end of August. All courses are accredited with ABC or CPCAB.


For more information and an application form please email Jo Edwards on



This course provides a basic introduction to counselling. Learners will develop an understanding of what counselling is and an appreciation that qualified counsellors and those who use counselling skills abide by an ethical framework. They will learn about the importance of creating the correct environment and the right ethos for the helping relationship to be successful



Courses are run on a regular basis throughout the year so enquiries are always welcome.

Contact Jo or Stephen via or telephone 07828 707 211 for further information and application forms.



The overall aims of this introductory course are:


1. To enhance and improve the verbal (especially empathy, the ability to listen and respect silence) and the written communication skills of participants. Emphasis will be given to working in groups and teams.


2. To provide a realistic understanding of the demanding nature of vocational training especially in counsellor skills training.


3. To introduce learners to experiential learning processes that will include a high element of personal growth work, developing further self-confidence and self-esteem.


4. To prepare learners to progress onto appropriate further qualifications.


5. To deliver underpinning knowledge in such a way as to help directly in the world of work.


At the end of a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts course learners should:


1. Have a basic understanding of what counselling is about and be able to compare and contrast counselling with other forms of helping.


2. Have some basic counselling skills to further improve their own communication processes.


3. Understand more clearly what counselling training entails and be able to make a more informed choice as to whether or not s/he is suited to undertake vocational counselling training as opposed to other types of training


4. Provided they fulfill and pass the assessment criteria, be entitled to receive an ABC Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concept


ABC Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts is an introductory counselling course. It is stressed that the introductory nature of this programme is such that no person is qualified at the end of this course to use counselling skills or be a counsellor.


It is intended solely as a basic introduction to counselling for those who have had no previous experience of or training in the field of counselling. Its versatility appeals to a wide range of potential learners and the target market includes those who are considering embarking on formal counselling training as an intended career change. It is also intended for those who wish to improve their listening and communication skills.


Further details can be seen on the ABC website. ABC awarding body is well recognised in the North West as one of the largest bodies in the United Kingdom.



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