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Life Coaching

Do you really know what you want from your life?
Are you in a rut?
Are other people dictating what you do with your life?
Do you have an unfulfilled passion?
Do you need assistance in achieving your goals?


In order to achieve your goal you have to first of all know what your goal is.


A life coach can help you to identify and achieve your goals and fulfil your untapped potential.


If you are not achieving what you want in life part of the problem can be identifying what you want in the first place. A life coach can help you to identify blocks that you create or that others create for you which inhibit you from achieving success. There are many reasons why people sabotage their own success and not all of them are obvious. Day to day life simply gets in the way of your cherished desire. A life coach can show you how to access the positive side and then help you create a step by step plan which facilitates recognition of what you want to do about relationships, business, finance or any other sphere of your life.


A life coach offers confidential guidance and is there to help you turn your dreams into reality, to support you, and to keep you on target.


For details of life coaching packages please contact the Centre on 07828 707 211 or e-mail the Centre.


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