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Inspirational Quotes

"There was an occasion in my life when I was very down. I had lost someone very close to me and was suffering everything that loss and bereavement could throw at me. I thought that the last thing I needed was some sort of inspirational quotation to help me recover. What can be worse during a crisis than having someone come out with one of those glib comments that are meant to heal all and yet simply have the effect of making you want to hit out at the poor inncocent who was doing their best to help you. And then, one day, I heard "One day at a time, Sweet Jesus," being sung by Judy Collins. Ignoring the religious aspect of the song (I wasn't feeling very friendly towards any God at the time!") I found the words "One Day at A Time" incredibly helpful. If I could get through this hour or this day or this week there was a chance I might make it through the month or even, the whole year. That one inspirational quotation did me a power of good." - S. Senex


Knowing how helpful words of inspiration can be here are some thoughts for you to ponder. Some contain the deepest wisdom of our greatest thinkers. Others are just downright common sense. Either way we hope you will enjoy them and, who knows, perhaps one of them is just what you need at this moment to help you or inspire you. Some of them are well known and you will have come across them before – that in no way lessens their power to inspire if you think of them afresh each time you see them.


If you enjoy these you may enjoy the occasional pictures and quotations that appear on the Liverpool Empowerment Centre's Blog.

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