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The workshops outlined below are just some of the personal and professional development courses currently being offered at the Liverpool Empowerment Centre.



The list, and the courses themselves, are ever changing. "The need to take account of new techniques and new ideas gives the impetus for change," explains Jo, "but the main reason is the need to avoid getting stale. If I was delivering the same material now that I was ten years ago I'd probably be pretty boring and certainly be very bored."


It is widely recognized that technical skills, knowledge and experience do not themselves guarantee increased performance. To be sustainable, improved performance needs to be based not only on an increase in knowledge and skills but also on improved confidence and self-esteem. Poor morale, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and stress all adversely affect not only the individual but also their colleagues and their organization. The training of employees therefore needs to take into account their personal development, motivation and well-being to encourage them to achieve their potential.


The courses cover a wide range and a participant in a telephone techniques course may have a vastly different background to one working on their leadership skills or enhancing their public speaking techniques. In all cases Jo combines her sound business knowledge and skills with her insight into motivation and the development of human potential.


"The highly regarded telephonist, the maker of a happy home and the successful entrepreneurial leader all have two things in common - the fact that a large part of their success is not due to their knowledge but to their inter-personal skills and the fact that that they devote some effort to their own personal well-being. I enjoy working with people for heir own development and a number of people who come on my courses do so purely for their own benefit. In other cases, people come because of the impact that the development of their own potential will have on the improvement of their organizations. In all cases it is not just they who should benefit but also those who come into contact with them."



This section is designed both for businesses and their employees and private individuals seeking their own personal development. Where courses are specifically run in-house for an organisation they can be tailored to the particular needs of that organisation. Certain intrinsic values are built into each and every workshop.


The Liverpool Empowerment Centre provides a wide variety of workshops - not just those shown below - for details please contact the Centre on 07828 707 211 or e-mail the Centre.


Continuing Professional Development


The Centre not only provides training for certificates and diplomas in Counselling but also has a range of workshops designed to provide continuing professional development for practitioners. Examples of such courses include loss and bereavement, parental attachment, stress management, attachment styles, psychosexual therapy (a brief overview), suicide, legal implications in counselling,etc.


In addition to contributing to the therapist's continuing professional development such workshops provide an ideal opportunity for networking and joining together in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss best practice and issues of current concern

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