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Intrinsic Values

Certain intrinsic values underpin all work carried out at the Liverpool Empowerment Centre.



These values are included in all therapeutic work, course, workshop or training session that is run under the Centre's auspices. They will receive a greater or lesser mention according to the particular therapy or course and may, in some cases, receive no direct mention at all. Nevertheless theses values will always be present:-


That the therapeutic / training environment shall be a harmonious, safe, non-threatening one.


That all participants will be treated equally and encouraged to treat others equally regardless of sexuality, race, gender, colour, creed, ability or any other factor.


That discriminatory behaviour will be challenged.


That all professional ethical standards will apply within the therapeutic environment - the most important of these, for many people, being confidentiality.


That anything said or done within training is confidential between the trainer and participants and participants must feel free to say what they think without fear that the trainer will 'report back on them' to an employer or other person.


That all normal Health and Safety rules will apply.


That the basic principles of customer care should underpin all training for people in employment.


That participants in training are encouraged to pass on any knowledge, skills and tips that they have learned on Centre courses but that an acknowledgement of their source is always appreciated.


That training should be a fun experience.

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