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Counselling Supervision

The ethical codes of good practice of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) require that counsellors have supervision on a regular basis. This provides them with an opportunity to get a different perspective on issues that have arisen during clinical work but does not involve a breach of confidentiality - i.e. issues can be discussed without divulging the identity of the client concerned. Such issues may involve how to approach a particular problem, ethical dilemmas, etc.


As well as overseeing the counsellor's practice, supervision is about ensuring counsellors keep themselves healthy - both physically and mentally - in order to do their best work. It is also an educative process and can point out particular short courses that may benefit the supervisee as part of their continuing professional development.


Supervision sessions last 90 minutes in accordance with the BACP regulations for those supervisees whose governing body is BACP. Sessions of 60 minutes can be provided for those supervisees governed by UKCP. In certain circumstances a sliding scale of charges may be applicable.


The Liverpool Empowerment Centre offers counselling supervision. For details please contact Gill on 0795 612 9040 or Jo on 07828 707 211 or e-mail the Centre.

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