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Training for Parents




The Centre offers courses, workshops, family support and activities, and one to one support for parents seeking to help their children to develop and to improve family relationships.


















A confident child with high self-esteem is a happy and successful child.


Children begin developing their confidence and self-esteem at a much younger age than most people imagine. Research shows that the kind of parenting we get as babies makes a big difference to the brain we develop. To develop properly the brain not only needs mental stimulation but also emotional stimulation through loving encounters. By understanding how your child develops you can learn the tools and skills required to assist them at each stage of their advancement. A pleasant and self-possessed child is a major asset to any family and self confident children grow to be happy and successful adults.




















Children who recognise right from wrong and who appreciate your values in life grow into valuable and well-regarded members of society.


Learn skills and exercises to help you recognise how children behave and how you can encourage particular behaviours that have a positive outcome. Bad behaviour does not make a bad child and both parents and children need to appreciate that there is a distinction between the two. Learn about positive feed-back and the importance of being a role model for your children. Children need clear boundaries and to know what behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable. Learn how to set boundaries, the importance of being consistent and what to do if their behaviour crosses those boundaries.























When children listen to their parents and parents listen to their children a life-time bond can be created.


Learn to improve the communication between you and your child so that they listen to what you have to say and are, in their turn, prepared to confide in you and trust you. Parenting should be an enriching experience for all concerned. Help to make it so by establishing a better rapport with your child and making him or her more self-assured. Your child will always be your child but as they grow older they need to develop an independence that will safeguard them in years to come. The key to a blossoming and peaceful relationship is finding the balance between your need to protect them and their need for independence. It is natural for battles of will to occur but the courses and workshops help to show you when and how to pick your battles and make them the ones that matter.




























The Centre offers courses, workshops, family support and activities, and one to one support with the objective of making happy children, happy families and a happy you! For further details contact the Centre on 07828 707 211 or e-mail

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Training for parents
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